Carbon Neutral Computing

We are proud of our work towards "Carbon Neutral" computing. We have been working with The Land Trust for Central North Carolina's carbon sequestrian fund as well as the Dell "Plant a Tree for Me" program. Every Dell laptop, desktop, and server sold by WTG since 2008 has had a portion of the cost go towards planting a tree to help offset its carbon emissions.

During the construction of our office we used the following "Green" elements:

  • Recycled content fabric ducting system
  • Recycled content carpet squares (low waste)
  • Lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint for interior walls
  • All metals (ducting, wiring, etc.) were recycled from the demolition process
  • All high efficiency York air handlers
  • Tank-less, lower power consumption, hot water heater
  • High efficiency argon gas windows at rear of second floor
  • Recycled "hardwood scraps" maple veneer butcher block counters

All employees at WTG will follow the following “Green” guidelines:

  • Recycle all cardboard
  • Recycle all aluminum cans
  • Print on both side of paper when possible
  • Reuse scrap paper for notes
  • Participate in Dell’s Plant a Tree for Me program with the purchase of every new desktop, laptop, or server 
  • Uses all high efficiency compact florescent lights in the office
  • Only order and use Dell “Energy Smart” servers
  • Offers customers an option for electronic delivery of invoices