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The 'People' Stuff...

Who Are We?

At Walser Technology Group, Inc. (WTG), we pride ourselves on many things, including our commitment to the Rowan County area (and surrounding), as well as our unique ability to help our clients efficiently, confidently, and repeatedly. Our founder, Brad Walser, has a deep and very personal connection to the Rowan County area, and it was the first (and only) place he considered when deciding to form the company. Located in Historic Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina, WTG is truly a part of the community, from the folks who work here, to the lasting relationships formed through consistent top-notch service.

Back in August of 2003 when WTG began, we knew we would be a little different than what our clients had access to in the past. It was our intent to specialize in Systems Integration and Contract Support services for businesses. And over the years, we have worked with a wonderful variety of clients who were in need of the top-level support and service we bring to the table. Our clients get what they need without having to rely on a company from who knows where, selling them who knows what whether they needed it or not.

Brad wanted to take a completely different approach to helping clients with Information Systems issues, and he knew the best way to do that would be right here at home. We may be a Technology Services company on the outside, but we're also in the business of building relationships.


How Do We Work?

Whether you're a Country Club, a medium-sized sales firm with a very robust need for IT, a doctor or dentist looking to upgrade their medical records and data management, or an antique store on Main Street looking to automate their inventory system, WTG can help you in any capacity you need. We sit down with you and get to know you and your business. We offer custom contracts tailored specifically to your business, and what you need to make your vision a reality. Where it makes sense for you both technologically and economically, we will bundle services which can benefit your company.

We believe in our hearts that we need to earn your business and trust, not force you to do business with WTG because you are bound to a contract. For that reason, all of our contracts are set up with a month-to-month approach. This can help you stabilize costs, and it can help you proactively monitor the core technology infrastructure which runs your business.

Of course, we also offer what we call non-contract services. Most people refer to this a 'Break/Fix'. You break it and we'll fix it (...there are exceptions). You can stop into our express storefront and one of our employees will be more than happy to help you find the right cable, Anti-Virus software, adapter, whatever. TECH108 is a convenience for our business customers, and a true staple for those who need assistance a few times a year.

The 'Technology' Stuff...

Hardware or Software?WTG Train

Not everybody is a computer whiz, we realize that. What's great is that no matter what we uncover during that first consultative conversation with you, there is a high probability that one of our skilled technicians has seen it, done it, or heard about it before. We are happy to explain it in a way you'll understand.

At WTG, we have experience with a host of software and hardware vendors, we work directly with the developers who manufacture and support the software which runs your business. We are also on top of the hardware specifications required to properly match the performance (be it in the network or physical infrastructure) of that critical software. We've worked with Dentrix, Eaglesoft/Patterson, and Practiceworks to give you a sampling of the dental software with which we're familiar. We have installed Creative Solutions Accounting systems, a multitude of Point of Sale (POS) systems, and custom-built applications.

No matter the industry, our partnerships allow us to offer competitive pricing. And our experience helping clients that span the spectrum allows us to engineer, order, install, and support a growing number of business systems. We have quality partners with Axis, Barracuda, Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Mitel, and SonicWALL. A feather in our cap.... we are the only Dell Certified Partner in Rowan County. That is something we're very proud of.

What About the Bits, Bytes, and Security?

Let's start by telling you we have our own onsite datacenter, and that it allows us the ability to do what we do: offer a variety of enterprise services that we can tailor to any small- or medium-sized business. We can collocate your application servers to provide fast, reliable, and (very important) scalable connectivity to the Internet. We can host websites, email, and provide general data storage, etc. And it's all in our custom designed, purpose-built space featuring 2 high-efficiency air conditioning systems. At WTG, we are constantly monitoring amperage used, temperature, and humidity with multiple devices. Our flooring system was designed to hold an amazing amount of weight: one TON per linear foot of load. All of our racks and equipment are provided by Dell and APC. Each rack is outfitted with a commercial-grade UPS with an extended run battery. All of our PDU's are metered to display and track the amperage used on each circuit.

We have, powerful and secure service delivery software we use to monitor infrastructure, deliver updates, as well as provide reports to ensure the network, devices, and software you use to run your business. Should something get out of whack, we have a Rapid Alert online help system for our clients, we maintain a full onsite complement of inventory, and we have multiple service technicians ready to diagnose and resolve issues.

What's more, we have a secondary data facility located offsite from the primary datacenter at our Main Street location. Linked together by fiber optics with 10 Gigabits of throughput, any production equipment housed in the primary datacenter has its data sent nightly to our secondary facility. There's no better peace of mind then redundancy in your systems.

We currently use Carrier-Class, fiber optic, and Metro Ethernet circuits to the Internet. Our infrastructure is secured with our SonicWALL’s firewall appliances, and Dell's managed switches (remember...we are their only Certified Partner in Rowan County). All wiring is CAT6 or fiber optic and we constantly monitor uptime and usage of all key infrastructure devices.

WTG also considers access to your data just as important as how it's stored and managed. We have an Access Control system which monitors all employee access to the office, as well as to the datacenter. There is a monitored two-zone alarm system with multiple motion detectors and sirens located throughout the building. Access to the datacenter remains locked at all times, and a video recording system is captured at an offsite location - 24/7/365. All WTG employees have passed a civil and criminal background check on both the state of North Carolina and federal level.

The 'Everything Else' Stuff...

At Walser Technology Group, we take a lot of pride in our commitment to our clients and our ability to bring to the table tailored solutions that fit their needs, and also their budgets. We have made our home in Historic Downtown Salisbury and are committed to serving clients in and around Rowan County. We occupy an historic building that we restored with almost as much passion as we have for building great networks and installing the infrastructure and software our clients depend on us to deliver. We are proud of our work toward "Carbon Neutral" computing. We participate in Dell's "Plant A Tree for Me" program and recycle all retired electronic equipment from our projects.

Walser Technology Group is the company you want to choose for your Information Technology needs - Support-Security-Cloud-Strategy-Hardware.

We'd love to talk to you about your needs...and tailor a solution specific to what you're looking for. Give us a call. We'll be ready and looking forward to the conversation.